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Hi, my name is Michael Busch, and this is my story. There are some who might refer to me as an old “fart”, however, I prefer to tell you that I am a successful serial entrepreneur.

You see, I have tried to retire three times, settling for 10 years in Pinehurst and ending up in Wake Forest, NC. This where my new journey begins.

However, before sharing my current journey with you, let me tell you a little about myself. I began my entrepreneurial career at the age of 24 with the purchase of a distressed pharmacy. I am a graduate pharmacist. I opened two more pharmacies during the next two years.

At 28, I raised approximately $500,000 to start Medicine Shoppe International Inc., a franchiser of retail pharmacies. MSI grew from one pharmacy to over 1,000 operating in six countries. After the sale of the Company to Cardinal Health, I started several more businesses. Oh Yes! In 2013, I published a book, “Be the Boss”, how to start a new business, how to buy an existing business, and how to purchase a franchise.

In my spare time I used to play basketball and golf. Now I am an avid sports fan. My wife, Sharon, and I have six grandsons and one granddaughter.

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You may not agree with me, but, I begin every journey in life with a question. “What is my why?” In other words, why am I doing this? The “why” helps me to do a fact check. In the case of my current journey it began with;

  • I was tired with retirement
  • I did not wish to invest in a brick and mortar business
  • I no longer wanted to manage people
  • I did not want to buy an existing business
  • I was going to remain an Entrepreneur

Hence, that left the Internet and online marketing. And I did not want to engage in MLM.

So now the Journey begins. I began to study the prospects of starting an online marketing business. I invested several hundred dollars in business offer after offer. In my mind, each was lacking in one thing are another. Some had a good product but lacked the support and training to be a successful internet marketer. Others had pie in the sky messages. You see, there is both an advantage and disadvantage to a career in doing business online. The Internet is free, definitely a great benefit to you and me. Conversely, everyone and their brother can attempt to do business online.

I got lucky. I met Jeff and he told me the story of how some ten years ago he went from being broke to making $450,000 in one year. I did not believe him until I found out that he was of the top respected online income producers.

I decided to research his new Internet offering. This led me to investing with Jeff. I could not be more thankful. The team is the most qualified teaching, creative, and dedicated group of individuals with whom I have ever been fortunate enough to align myself. Most important, they are compassionate and transparent in every respect. The short of it is that I am on the road to generating a six-figure income while having the time of my life.

I could extol the virtues of Jeff and his team for a very long time. However, I am sure that I have talked way too much.

Back to my purpose. I invite you to join my Journey. It will be the best opportunity you will ever have. Come aboard and we will have a ball. Click Here to Learn More

Warmest Regards,

Michael Busch



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